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Introducing Brosa's newest collection of rug designs to add a layer of style and vibrancy to your home. From pet friendly, vintage flair, jute pursuit and shaggy, sink your feet into comfort. Whatever your style, we have your floor covered.

Rugs that last a lifetime

Crafted by hand from the finest quality materials, Brosa's rug collection is guaranteed to elevate your room and allow you to relax in style.

Brosa's rug collection features a range of textures and materials that span from 100% wool rugs through to Cotton, shag rugs, Jute blends, synthetic fibres, and a wool/viscose fusion that lend themselves to lush dense piles. There's truly something for everyone. There are hand-knotted and hand-spun creations, looped weave landscapes, textured low pile compositions and the ultimate shaggy sink-your-feet-into warmth, complemented by knotted fringing (check out our Ainsley). You won't want to wear shoes. 

Spanning four different sizes that cater to small, medium or large open plan spaces, there is a rug solution for your every need. Running a high traffic area, or need a pet-friendly haven? Look no further than our synthetic rugs that are the right choice to fight off everyday wear and tear.

Rugs with gradient colourings help to blend interior schemes, while neutral and tonal colours complement a coastal or paired back style aesthetic. The natural weave of jute rugs bring an  earthy feel and coastal calm to your door, while vintage marvels create impact and allure. Modern style icons can be as simple as our Ainsley in Ivory or carry a drama filled statement such as Tribeca in black.

A perfect match awaits to compliment your cosy corner, bedroom, living room or dining room spaces.


Delivered Australia Wide

Delivering Australia-wide and at an affordable price, creating a sanctuary at home has never been easier.

Rug FAQs

How much of a room should be covered by a rug?

The main thing to remember when laying a rug is to leave even space at either side. It depends on the size of the room as to how much space you should leave, but it’s usually at least 20cms on each side.

How often should you wash the rug?

Most rugs would need to be cleaned every year or two. This of course depends on the amount of use it gets, how much exposure to elements, and the amount of foot traffic etc.

How often should you clean under area rugs?

It’s advised to shake out rugs as often as possible, particularly after winter as they can hold a lot of dust. Try to do it as often as possible, or very week when cleaning.

Does it look okay to put an area rug on carpet?

This can look fine and can feel extra cosy, it merely depends on the types of rug and styles you are choosing. Putting different styles together is the important part, try something plush over a simple carpet style.

How far should a rug go under a couch?

A rug should sit back at least beyond the sofas legs. Again, the 20cm rule is good, so try to have at least 20cms of rug under the sofa.

Can a rug be shorter than your sofa?

It can be, but it’s not recommended stylistically. If it is, try to just keep it even on all sides in regards to the surrounding furniture.

Helpful Rug Guides & Tips

How To Choose a Living Room Rug: Consider all the things you know about your living room: colour scheme, foot traffic, style and space. Then match it to your rug ideas, considering tone, what is most comfortable for the room, and what will match stylistically. Remember texture is always great for a living room rug!

Do You Need a Rug Beneath Your Dining Table?: Not always but it is great for extra cosiness in winter! Rugs can also prevent scratching, and damage to wooden floorboards.

Selecting the Right Rug Size for Your Space: Consider your seating and dining arrangements when deciding on rug size - it should compliment them nicely. Consider too the size of the room, and try to find something that works within that space.

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