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Mid Century Modern Furniture

Furniture that pays homage to the past with timeless style. Juxtaposing sleek lines with modern interpretation, our Mid Century Modern designs combine sophistication with functional form.

Shop beautiful Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century furniture can easily find a special place in your home.

A decorative armchair or retro style dining chairs can turn your standard décor into an understated homage to the past.

Mid Century Style Furniture in Melbourne, Sydney & Across Australia

Brosa delivers Australia wide, so you can enjoy our designer Mid Century Modern furniture anywhere in the country.

Whether you need a Mid Century sofa in Perth, a bed frame in Brisbane or matching waiting room furniture for your office, Brosa has the right products for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mid Century Modern furniture?

Mid Century Modern furniture is modelled on mid-20th-century style that peaked around the 1950s. Influenced by clean lines, curved shapes, and trademark organic designs, Mid Century Modern takes this American-influenced furniture era and puts a modern spin on it for contemporary homes. 

What characteristics make a piece of furniture Mid Century Modern?


Mid Century Modern furniture loves clean lines, organic curves, and occasionally odd or geometric shapes that are distinct to the style. Think medium-toned woods in chestnut tones, with brass or gold finishes, and pops of metal and glass. It can also feature pops of bright or vibrant colours in green or gold, with earthy tones and trademark curves and edges. 

What is the difference between Mid Century and Mid Century Modern?

Mid Century refers to the original furniture from the 1950s era, most often from styles in America. Mid Century Modern is different in that it is modelled on this style while being made in the modern era, and can have slight modern spins on the designs. The simple explanation is that Mid Century is the precursor to Mid Century Modern furniture.


Can you mix Mid Century Modern with other styles?

Of course! ANyone can mix any style together if it’s what they want to style their home. But if you are leaning towards styling a room with a particular aesthetic, there are general rules of thumb. The 70/30 rule is a good option - to make the room lean toward a particular style, while then finding things that can have some similarities in style but come from different categories. This way things still blend, but it gives the option to be creative, and form your own unique style.

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