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Leather Sofa

Something missing from your living room? It could be a leather lounge or a leather sofa. Luckily, we've got you covered with these savvy and classy leather sofa designs.

Leather Sofas Delivered Australia wide

Leather not only has a classic, stylish look, it has great benefits that make it a strong option in the home. Leather lasts much longer than regular sofas, it ages well over time, making it more comfortable with use. It’s also easy to clean so long as you’re gentle! 

Enjoy our premium Australian Leather Lounges in the comfort of your living room.

You can feel confident buying leather lounges with our 21 days no-question returns and Australia wide-delivery.

Choose Your Style of Leather Lounge

Select a leather lounge from a range of colours and styles to suit your space perfectly.

If you’re after something classic, choose from a natural, tan, white or black leather sofa, or for a brighter look, pick pieces in bold blue or green.

Leather items come in a range of styles, including Modular Sofas, 2, 3 and 4 seater styles, and of course, the classic Chesterfield Sofa. 

Trying to decide whether leather is for you? Read our guide on Leather Sofas Vs Fabric Sofas.

Leather Lounge FAQs

How to clean a leather couch?

The best way to clean a leather couch is to use a very mild soap and wiped very gently, if possible with a microfibre cloth. Alternatively there are leather cleaning sprays specific to leather that can be useful, and always try to keep it dust free with a soft duster.

How long should a leather lounge last?

Leather is a fantastic investment when it comes to furniture. Not only does it wear well with age, it can last up to three times the length of fabric furniture.

How do I keep my leather couch cool?

To keep your leather lounge cool, try to keep it out of direct sunlight or rooms with low ventilation. Low light, regular cleaning, and fan/air-conditioned rooms can also be beneficial. 

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