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Design Direction

Trend: Retro Revival

Design Direction: Retro Revival

The next trend we’re excited to share with you is one that brings back some fond memories. That’s right, retro’s back, baby! Introducing: Retro Revival.

The trend of Retro Revival is the ultimate blast from the past. Think feelgood vibes in your home and the chance to reimagine and play with shape, colour and texture. The retro feel is so much fun - which is exactly what our customers need right now. We know people, especially lovers of Deco, will enjoy introducing some new retro elements to their space this season.

What is Retro Revival?

What is Retro Revival?

What is Retro Revival?

This is a trend for lovers of deco (and Austin Powers), for children of the 70s and 80s, and for anyone who loves to play with big bold shapes. Reimagined statement pieces, gold and chrome metallics, and moody lighting are all the rage. Dip your toe or dive right in and embrace a total Retro Revival - where everything old is new again.

What does Retro Revival look like?

What space wouldn’t love an injection of elements of retro? Go slow, by introducing some deco lighting to create a relaxed ambience, or go wild opting for chunky silhouettes and fat curves that make a real design statement. For lovers of deco, think upholstery with a 70s and 80s edge (See, everything old is new again!). Curves are everywhere, with exaggerated channeling and reimagined Pierre Jeanneret chair shapes. Curved timber dining chairs extend the theme. Onyx, experimental stone and travertine all have a moment, sometimes with curved pillar legs, while burl timber is interpreted in new and interesting ways. Metallics feature heavily, with gold and chrome accents on many pieces, and metallic shades in lighting with fun art deco designs. Whether you’re a long-time lover of retro or new to the party, there’s no wrong way to play with the Retro Revival trend.