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Bar Stools

Add some class to your kitchen with our designer bar stools. At Brosa, we have a variety of carefully chosen colours, styles and materials.

How Bar Stools Can Make Your Kitchen More Versatile

Bar stools are a great solution for apartment living or compact spaces, but they can be a defining feature in any kitchen, big or small. 

Match your new stools to your dining chairs to create a consistent living space for meals, entertaining, and relaxing. 

If your kitchen bar stools are destined to become one of your main seating options, go for something with soft, cushioned seats. The aesthetics of sculpted and adjustable bar stools made of solid frames are better suited to warehouse apartment conversions and artist studios.  

Bar Stools to Complement Your Kitchen Bench

Every piece we add to our home speaks to our style, including our benchtops.

If your aesthetic is all Industrial Modern Contemporary, you might find yourself with a concrete benchtop. In this case, a metal-framed bar stool, perhaps with a wooden seat will add a bit of warmth to an otherwise cool setting.

Or if you're still a lover of Modern Contemporary style but with a more Classic and Mid Century infusion, you may have a quartz or marble benchtop. In this case, you have different materialities to play with. Choose durable Brosa Timber Bar Stools for a sleek look, Rattan Bar Stools for traditional, coastal styles or Velvet Bar Stools for a touch of elegance.

If you have a rustic timber benchtop in a French Provincial/Hamptons style, we have plenty of breakfast bar stools to compliment your taste too.

Crafted by the Finest Designers

Each of our kitchen stools is crafted with some of the finest materials on the market, often sourced from family-owned businesses. They’re made by expert craftsmen so you know you’re getting bar stools built to last.

Browse our range of designer bar stools online to bring more versatile use to your dining space today. Counter stools don’t match your dining chairs? Or they just aren’t the right height? Simply return your purchase within 21 days. 

Bar Stool FAQs

How do I choose a bar stool?

It depends on the style of your kitchen! Select your style and choose bar stools to match. Choose from styles like:

  • Scandi: Our Milly Bar Stools are a great example of the Scandi trend, featuring a clean, simple aesthetic while still maintaining beauty and style.

  • Boho: Has a warm, floaty, beachy feel, perfect for stools made from timber or rattan. 

  • Hamptons: The ever-stylish Hamptons look is light and welcoming, with a breezy beachy feel, suited to our Clovis or Espen Bar Stools. 

  • Industrial: With a rustic, vintage feel, industrial-look stools also tip their hat at modern style. Think dark wood or metal, with bronze or deep green hues. 

How high are counter stools?

Counter stools generally range from around 60cms to 67cms in height, depending on the height of your countertop. (Countertops generally range from 90-100cms in height). 

Do bar stools have to match?

The short answer is no! But you might want to consider style as a factor when you choose to mix and match. Similar styles in different colours can be a great option or different styles with similar materials and sizes. Having a consistent theme even if they’re not exactly the same creates a unique, stylish look. 

How long should an island be for 4 stools?

It does depend on the size of the stools, and if they are large or small. Allow around 71-77cms per seating space, and then times that by four. It’s good to either work from the space the stools require or work backward to find stools that fit the size of your countertop when divided by four.

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